TOMHOLM was founded by two friends: Johannes and Jonas. Our journey began two years ago when we reconnected at a city festival in our hometown Aalen in the southern part of Germany. Due to various studies and living abroad, we had not seen or heard from each other for a long time.

After the usual update about our experiences in the last years, we started to talk about our mutual big passion: Watches. Despite the large variety of different watch models, we both agreed on the fact that it was quite impossible to find a watch of high quality at a fair price which met our personal demands - this was the hour of birth of TOMHOLM. But could a medical doctor and an industrial engineer design and develop a superior watch that outperforms competitors from scratch? We were skeptical, but after several meetings and research, we knew that our dream could become true with the help of our community, friends and a highly motivated team of talented freelancers.  

We established our concept and stated our principles:

“The founding principle on which TOMHOLM is built is high quality and we will never compromise on that. Our timepieces will have exquisite designs, marked by exciting simplicity and attention to details. The straps would be readily interchangeable to fit the urban lifestyle of the modern man. However, we aim to offer our timepieces at a fair price – because the price value matters in our community.”

- Jonas, Founder of TOMHOLM

From Sketches to the Final Product

With the thought of our principle and aim firmly lodged in our minds, we began the innovation of the Novum.

Our biggest challenge was visualizing a classy and timeless watch, which had to fit the expectations of a modern timepiece.

After numerous sketches, technical drawings and feedback from our community, we are more than proud of our final design. The Novum is marked by exciting simplicity and astonishing details and, at the same time, gets noticed by many because of its domed sapphire crystal.

The next step was to find the right producers and suppliers. Since we were not in a rush nor restricted by prior contracts, we selected for over a year the best partners possible for the production of the Novum.

After nine prototypes, hundreds of emails and phone calls, factory visits and insider tips, we are thrilled to work with several industries’ experts.

To offer a fair price with outstanding value it was clear from the beginning that we have to cut out middlemen, wholesalers and retail stores, which all extremely mark up the price of luxury products.

Therefore, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter.com which was highly successful. We have been funded by supporters from 23 different countries worldwide.

Built from top-notch components, the Novum is made for everyone who is in demand of a superior quartz watch. We encourage you to read further about our outstanding components and product tests in our journal.